What’s in on November

November Highlights

Every month, Nice, France features various special events and attractions which are greatly enjoyed by both tourists and city locals. This month of November, here are some of the events lined up in Nice.

Nice Manca Music Festival
(November 13 – 29, 2009)
Nice’s National Centre of Musical Creation (CIRM) organises the annual Nice Manca Music Festival, with performances in selected venues across Nice, Monaco and Grasse. The programme of concerts is supplemented by Les Mini Manca, musical workshops for youngsters.

Celebration of Catherine Segurane
(November 13 – 29, 2009)
Catherine Segurane saved Nice in 1543 by showing the attacking armies her bare posterior. She is remembered with a slightly more solemn ceremony, the Celebration of Catherine Segurane, held in the Sainte Reparate Cathedral in Nice Old Town.

Nice Sacred Art Month

(November 2009 – January 2010)
During the Sacred Art Month, the city of Nice invites visitors to discover its rich sacred heritage through art, music, architecture and talks. Chapels and other venues open up to host concerts or reveal their hidden treasures.

Halloween celebrations around the city.

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