What’s On This Summer?

Nice is a breathtaking destination during any time of the year and in any season, but there is no denying the abundance of attractions and activist that take place in Nice during the summer. In order to fully understand what is going on in Nice this summer, let’s take a look at some of the most anticipated events.

Bastille Day

Bastille day is in place in order to celebrate the creation of the new French Republic. It has been a national holiday for as long as anyone can remember and the day is known for providing one of the biggest parties in the country. If you can plan on being in Nice for Bastille Day then you will be rewarded to a celebration that you will never forget.

Cannes Film Festival

Nice is a hub for transportation in Europe and is one of the best places to say during the Cannes Film Festival. You can easily get to and fro Nice from Cannes and it can be far more affordable and less crammed during the enticing international festival.

Nice Jazz Festival

Tens of thousands of people make the journey to Nice for the Nice Jazz Festival that is held in Arenes de Cimiez. Concerts take place all night and the event offers some of the very best jazz and jazz performers from all corners of the globe.

What makes Nice such a popular destination is its temperate climate and the sheer abundance of activities and attractions that it provides in the summer. Not only does the entire city come alive in the summer with events and festivals, but it is also easy to get to a number of other destinations from this thriving city. Stop by for a visit and then jet our for summer events such as the French Tennis Open or the Cannes Film Festival.

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