Promenade des Anglais

Nice takes on a altogether contrasting quality west of cours Saleya, with all-encompassing city blocks, huge neoclassic hotels and apartment buildings, and a series of tempting parks dense with palm trees, verdure, and sloshing fountains. From the Jardin Albert I, at one time the delta of the Paillon River, the famed promenade des Anglais unfolds the length of the city’s waterfront. The original promenade was the brainchild of Lewis Way, an English minister in the then growing community of British people drawn to Nice’s climate. Today it’s a big multi lane avenue dense with traffic-as a matter of fact, it’s the conclusion of the N98 coastal highway. Alongside it runs its enchanting parallel, a wide, sun-washed pedestrian walkway with sporadic steps running down to the smooth-rock beach. A daily troop of promeneurs, roller-bladers, runners, and sun seekers amble its broad pavement, looking across the spellbinding blue expanse of the sea. Alone in the early hours it is conceivable to delight in the waterfront stroll as the cream of Nice’s international high society at one time did, then there was nothing more than the sound of hoofs on stone to compete with the bellowing waves.

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