Finding and Buying Property in France

People visit Nice for many reasons, for some its business and others for pleasure be it a holiday, to visit friends or a romantic short break. But for some visitors their objective is to look for and buy property in Nice or the surrounding area. The idea of owning your own slice of life abroad, […]

A Guide to Nice Attractions and Events

Cheap Hotels in Nice Nice is known to have a very lively festival scene. There are a lot of attractions and events that is why you can never run out of things to do all year round. From open air music concerts, street fairs, sporting events and theatrical performances, Nice has got it all. So […]

Car Rental Checklist

Hopping into your car rental right away and heading out on the streets without checking the car that you’re renting could cause some serious consequences such as road accidents. It is very important to check the vehicle first before using it to avoid having problems while traveling. Here are some things that you have to […]

Nice: The Queen of the French Riviera

Nice is a coastal paradise tucked in the south of France. French locals regard it as the “la Cote d’Azur” which literally means Blue Coast. This region is now popularly known all over the world as the French Riviera. Nice is a charming city that offers a laid back and carefree vibe to both tourists […]

How to Find Car Rentals in Nice

A lot of tourists visit Nice, France year after year. Nice, France has always been known as a popular vacation spot for both tourists and locals. This charming city tucked in south-eastern France is known all over the world for its intertwined narrow streets and picturesque houses and establishments. It also boasts a spectacular promenade, […]

Car Rental Tips

Renting cars is very convenient especially if you’re traveling in a foreign place. This gives you more freedom and comfort while going from one place to another. You don’t have to go through the hassles of taking the cab or other public means of transportation. Renting cars may seem a brilliant idea but you also […]

French 101

French is the official language of France as well as 22 other countries all over the world. Learning this language would really be helpful especially if you’re planning to visit European cities such as Nice. It’s not exactly an easy language to learn so most people might find it difficult to speak. French is a […]

Tips for First Time Travelers

Traveling in a foreign place could be quite stressful especially to those who are traveling for the first time. But with proper preparation and research, your vacation can be a lot of fun. So for the first time travelers out there, here are some tips that you have to remember before, during and after traveling. […]