Nice: The Queen of the French Riviera

Nice is a coastal paradise tucked in the south of France. French locals regard it as the “la Cote d’Azur” which literally means Blue Coast. This region is now popularly known all over the world as the French Riviera. Nice is a charming city that offers a laid back and carefree vibe to both tourists and locals alike. This is probably the reason why lots of people visit Nice every year.

Although Nice has always been known to be a summer destination, it’s still a good place to go any time during the year. There are a lot of attractions to look forward to every season. Nice has a Mediterranean winter unlike the usual winter other regions of France experience.  Therefore, expect the temperature to be a bit warmer. Winter in Nice could be enjoyed by strolling on their parks and viewing various flowers that are in bloom. It’s also a perfect time to watch people stroll by while sipping a hot cup of espresso on one of Nice’s coastal cafes.  Of all the seasons, summer is the season where Nice expects more visitors than the usual. Well, it’s a summer French paradise to start with anyway. Lots of people flock to this French coastal paradise to relax, unwind and enjoy the view. So if you happen to visit Nice, or if you’re planning to visit, here are some of its top must-see attractions for you to see.

1. Promenade des Anglais – It is a promenade which in front of Nice’s seafront lined with cafes, hotels, museums and posh apartments.

2. Cours Saleya Flower Market – It is the site of an enticing flower market by day. Here you’ll see a wide array of flowers and potted plants. This place transforms into a lively area packed with bistros and restaurants by night.

3. Matisse Museum – This museum situated in a red building showcases the art of Henri Matisse. It houses Matisse’s artworks such as paintings and sculptures. It also has a gift shop where tourists could buy artwork prints.

4. Vieux Nice (Old Nice) – Wandering through the narrow streets in Vieux Nice is the best way to explore Nice. With its baroque churches, cozy squares and shadowy streets, Vieux Nice makes you feel teleported in a century old setting.

5. Le Chateau – There isn’t actually a Chateau but instead, you’ll only get to see the ruins. Nevertheless, the place offers a spectacular view of Nice.

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