Car Rental Checklist

Hopping into your car rental right away and heading out on the streets without checking the car that you’re renting could cause some serious consequences such as road accidents. It is very important to check the vehicle first before using it to avoid having problems while traveling. Here are some things that you have to check before departing:

1.  Check for scratches.

It is important to check for scratches before using the car to avoid having conflicts with your car rental company. They might hold you if they find a scratch which they are not aware of.

2. Check for noises.

Start the car and let it warm up. Observe if the car is making strange noises. If it does, then report it immediately so that the company could take note of it and do the necessary actions.

3. Check the A/C.

Turn on the A/C and observe for about 15 minutes. If the temperature doesn’t fluctuate then there’s no problem. But if it does, again, report it to the company.

4. Check the mirrors.

Before using the car, check the side and the rear view mirrors of the car and adjust it accordingly. This is very important as it could cause serious problems while you’re driving when not adjusted properly.

5. Check the windshield wiper.

Check the windshield wiper if it’s working flawlessly. It is very important to check your wiper because it’s very essential in case of intense weather conditions such as rain or snow.

6. Check the brakes.

Check the brakes if it’s working. Immediately report it to the company if you see any problems.

7. Check the lights.

Figure out and familiarize yourself where the light switches are. This way you won’t panic while you’re driving.

Making sure that the vehicle is working properly is essential for a safe and stress-free trip. Simply follow the checklist above and you’re ready to roll. Bon Voyage!

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